YMCA kids going green with Vitaverde – gardening classes


Author: Dragana

We believe that building environmental consciousness and connecting with nature from an early age is very important. That is the reason for Vitaverde’s unique initiative to hold gardening classes at the YMCA kindergarten where we previously created an interactive garden for kids.

The children who are attending the YMCA kindergarten have the opportunity to experience nature while having free gardening classes. The classes started in November last year and the children from 2,5 to 5 years old will enjoy them until May. That way the kids are driven outside in the fresh air to enjoy nature and learn at the same time.

Gardening classes for kids

While preparing the gardening classes program we wanted to connect three things: fun, learning and creativity. Since children learn best when they are having fun, the whole program is adjusted to present gardening through stories. The classes encourage children to care for nature and living beings in general while being engaged in gardening activities. Gardening is also interactive, exciting and it boosts children’s creativity as they are planting with their own hands.

During the first classes children learned some gardening basics, they were recognizing plants, learning what they consist of and how they grow from seeds. As the classes continue, children will create seedlings and a collage where they will draw seeds and what grows from these seeds.

Having in mind that each season has different garden activities, we will hold the classes more frequently while the weather is improving. All the activities are followed with nice stories and fairy tales and the overall experience is pleasurable both for kids and for the fairy tale tellers!

Kids gardening