Why moss art became a trend in Greece (and how to get yours)


Author: Dragana

Here we are well into January that brought us snow and coldness. Fortunately, there is one hot topic that keeps us warm in these cold days: moss art! It’s been a while since everyone was this excited about a single product.

The moss has inspired creative new interior design ideas which help nature-hungry city dwellers to stay in touch with the natural world. The trend has only been rising since it’s one of the easiest and fastest ways to make a green statement and create stunning, eye-catching sceneries. Moss walls offer many benefits that you are maybe looking for.

Why moss art?

Unique indoor atmosphere – Such way of greening has come in force for even a simple moss wall can completely transform the space. It gives the feeling of freshness and promotes health which makes it perfect for living areas, bars, kitchens, restrooms, resting facilities, gyms and many other institutions.

Moss art in a cafe

Photo credits: Concept Cafe

Endless creative possibilities – When talented designers put their creativity to work on moss walls, the possibilities are unlimited. Sometimes, it’s an abstract moss picture whose purpose is to complement the space and round up the clear vision of an interior designer. Other times moss is used to mimic the surfaces and shapes, signs and letters.

Moss art creation

Impacts on senses – The moss pieces are to be sensed as much as viewed. With moss art around, the air feels fresher, stress from noise pollution decreased, tired eyes rested from all the hard work, while the wonderful feeling of tranquility spreads through the body like a natural sedative.

Moss wall

Easy to install – The installation of moss on the wall or the artful moss creation is fast and easy which makes it perfect if you seek a quick solution for your space. Moss has flexibility which makes this material easy to shape and create any design you want.

Moss wall instalation

Doesn’t require maintenance – Moss walls can thrive in nearly any indoor setting. Growing conditions can be far from perfect because they don’t need any light or maintenance. As long as you maintain the proper indoor humidity and keep them out of the sun, you won’t need to water them.

Moss detail

Saves space – Some people go for the full wall coverage, others put a frame around moss. Anyway, it’s a space-saving solution perfect for the ones who don’t have much horizontal space or need to keep it free for walking.

Moss wall

Photo credits: Urban Change

Whether you see it for a home, business space or other places and you like what you see, or can imagine more, make a decision to create enjoyable life with nature!

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