Who we are

Vita Verde started 1+1, two friends who put their ideas and knowledge together to create something out of the ordinary. Founded in 2007 in Greece, the company Vita Verde started working in the field of interior planting. As the time was passing by, the company moved forward to creating innovative space solutions and creative landscape projects. During the years, Vita Verde gathered specialists from different fields who worked in synergy, shared the passion and embraced Vita Verde’s philosophy. In 2011 the company started its South-Eastern Europe expansion based in Belgrade.

Not your ordinary space.

Our team

Our organization brings together a diverse team of professionals, whose expertise and experience aligns with the specific needs of our clients. A group of architects, landscape architects, agronomists, forestry engineers and professionals experienced in greenery construction and maintenance is blended well together in a unique culture which incorporates customer perspective to produce the best results.