Who wants to have some fun on a “Terassa”?


Author: Dragana

Terassa detail

Whether you have your own terrace to enjoy or not, there is one you can’t resist either way. Terassa is the place to lounge the day away and welcome the night to continue fun. With the Belgrade fortress in the background and its stone walls all around, the place is a perfect getaway to create summer moments. To complete that unique image, we decided to decorate and green up Terassa with Bacsac planters.

Planting for Terassa

Plants, soil and many hands, that is what you could see before the final image was completed. Probably the people who were passing by when we brought the planters thought we were moving in with all those bags! Soon though they figured out what we meant to do with these. Planters hanging from the balcony fence, different sized planters on the floor and small ones hanging on a wall separator were like a cherry on top of the cake.

Terassa Belgrade

Well, I guess you are intrigued to try a piece of that cake! So if you feel like relaxing today, go to Terassa to lay back and drink something refreshing in shade. If you feel the beat inside of you, go there during the night and have some summer fun! We made sure you fit in because when the crowd gets going, we just made sure these innovative planters can easily be moved to make more space for you on the dance floor! Are you going?

Fortress seen from Terassa