‘’Water sustains all.’’ Thales of Miletus 600 B.C.


Author: Dragana

Did you know that only 3% of the total water resources is not salty or “trapped’’ in ice? Without water there would be no life on Earth. Do you act accordingly? Vitaverde uses water economically, cares a lot about water management and therefore creates sustainable solutions.

Water Management is…?

Water management is the activity which helps optimizing water consumption. There are many factors that water usage & landscape water management depend on, such as:

  • Choice of plants
  • Choice of irrigation system
  • Type of water used
  • Type of soil.

Because of water shortages, especially in Mediterranean tourist resorts, water management is of great importance.

Sustainable Hotel Gardens Project

Vitaverde joined its skills and knowledge with msolutions which runs Greenhotels.gr in order to make Cyprus hotel gardens more sustainable. The project with the title a bit longer than usual- “Sustainable hotel garden in Cyprus: reducing waste water usage for landscaping and gardens’’ sounded interesting, so we went for it. It is under the patronage of the Cyprus Sustainable Tourism Initiative (CSTI) and funded by the co-operative travel.

Five demonstration projects were selected to be developed in detail from mid- July 2011. The project team performs these tasks:

1)      Planning and improving water usage reduction

2)      Creating a mechanism for collecting water used in hotel gardens

3)      Making a tool for water usage reduction, that will be used in other hotels, too

4)      Applying sustainable development to each hotel unit.

Mid-December will not only bring holiday preparations, but also the completion of this project. We all believe that water spent on maintaining hotel gardens in Cyprus will be reduced to a great extent.

Save What You Have

Save water like you save your money (if you have some…). You can’t save something you don’t have, but because you DO HAVE water, don’t waste it. We can help you create more sustainable gardens that spend less water.  At the end of the day, water sustains all.