Vitaverde 9th anniversary story


Author: Dragana

Vitaverde 9th ann

Day by day, year by year and here we are today! Just a step away from a decade of existence. We believed back then that we can do something different and that’s how the engine of Vitaverde was launched. From our belief. What kept that motor working for 9 years was knowing our true purpose. That was and is our fuel that has driven us to be better every day. We knew back then, and we know even more now who we are, what we do, who we are doing it for and what benefits we bring to people.

If we look at our past, we have met and worked with a lot of different people – suppliers, associates, colleagues and clients. With your help, together we had the opportunity to make the world a greener place. Mistakes, like in every area of life were made. You learn and you become better from them.

We didn’t keep scores on the things we didn’t do so well, but we focused on all the good ones we did – we created a lot of square meters of vertical gardens, enriched many interiors, created so many beautiful spaces, and most importantly, we made many people feel blessed to be alive by experiencing  the beauty of nature. Isn’t that awesome?

We grew during these 9 years, became bigger and smarter. Despite hard economic times this year, we have expanded our team and welcomed new employees, and we hope soon for more growth. We further moved into a larger office which better meets our current needs. Also, having some big new business contracts and projects in the closet, with many positive changes we expect, the future seems pretty bright and exciting.

We stand proud on our story that began 9 years ago which motivates us to continue doing what we love most – making your homes, hotels, bars, restaurants look special, and all with the purpose of people feeling good. We want this to be a story about gratitude, but also about inspiring people to take risks and create their own stories!

Cheers to another year of mutual success!

Dimitris Athanasiadis and Hans Buster, Co-owners of Vitaverde