Vitaverde 7th anniversary


Author: Dragana

  • 7 days of the week
  • 7 continents
  • 7 colors in a rainbow
  • 7 notes in a music scale
  • 7 wonders of the ancient world
  • 7 virtues
  • 7 years of Vitaverde

You can notice number 7 in different cultures, traditions and mythologies: Buddhism, Chinese culture, Christianity, Egyptian mythology, Greco-Roman tradition, Hinduism, Islam, Hebrew tradition.

People say that 7 is a magical, mysterious, spiritual and lucky number. Since it’s our birthday, we have chosen it to be lucky. Lucky for you and lucky for us.

Why is that? Because we have survived the crisis together, we have become stronger together and we aim to improve ourselves in order to constantly grow. Some luck can help there.

The past year

Usually focusing on the future is the best solution. Yet, let’s look back for a moment as a reminder of what happened during these 365 days.

Together with you, we successfully continued creating green experiences in Greece and Serbia. Then the arrow on the map changed a bit and the first vertical garden in Skopje connected the line. Also the path turned to the other side of the map, which resulted in the first publication in a Chinese book. So we can dream big.

You surely had the opportunities to enjoy activities that were held during this period: workshops, lectures, classes, webinar (Ecoweek, TedEx, i-bank, YMCA, IMLA). All in all, a great experience for all of us!

7th anniversary

Till the 8th candle

So turn your head to the future now, there are many plans to be realized and opportunities to be taken. The map is to be filled with arrows in many directions. Different goals are to be achieved every year. You will be the first to read all the updates. Thank you for your support and trust during this 7th year!

Before blowing out the 7 candles on the cake, we wish for… Right, we can’t tell you, otherwise it will not come true. Continue trusting us and you will see this wish come true. You will like it too!

Happy anniversary!