Vitaverde 5th Anniversary


Author: Dragana

Looking back over the past five years, we remember the early days at Vitaverde, its birth and gradual growth. We started 1+1, two simple friends who put their ideas and knowledge together in order to create something out of the ordinary. We realize five years is not a short period of time and we are proud to be what we are today: 1+1= 9.

In the very beginning Vitaverde was working in the field of interior planting and as time was passing by, the company moved forward to creating innovative space solutions and creative landscape projects. Working in synergy, the development caused only feelings of great happiness and satisfaction to the founders, Dimitris Athanasiadis and Hans Buster, friends and co-owners of Vitaverde. The more their friendship was growing during the years, the more the company was developing, so it soon became a well known company in the whole region. During the years Vitaverde gathered specialists from different fields who shared the passion and embraced Vitaverde’s philosophy.

In 2007 when Vitaverde began its activities, the world just started talking about crisis and the following years it became a main topic in global communications. Our passion helped us to always keep working hard for what we really love and enjoy doing, which led us five years ahead to today. We consider our existence in 2012 an achievement and looking back we really enjoy the milestones.

Today’s anniversary is a special day for Vitaverde, but it is important for all of you too. Why is that? It is because you were the people who made our business grow. Thank you! We are looking forward to continue providing our customers the best services in many years to come. This day is also important for our suppliers because it was them supporting us constantly and reliably so that we could run our business successfully. We would also like to thank the media who recognized our uniqueness and contribution to the community and who wanted to share that with a wider audience. Our deepest thanks go to all our colleagues, our co-workers who were giving all these years so much effort to help the company grow. Thank you, dear colleagues, for being such a great support and for your team spirit that led us to success.

During these five years we accomplished many things and contributed to our urban society to become greener and more aware of the importance of a sustainable way of thinking. Vitaverde has created many not so ordinary spaces and experiences for people. The first indoor and outdoor vertical gardens in Athens and Thessaloniki, parks, hotels, work spaces and private gardens and balconies are just some of the projects we accomplished with love and expertise.

We are looking forward to the next years and thank you all for being our support. We appreciate your contribution because only with you we can do what we do – creating not your ordinary space.

Dimitris and Hans