Vita Verde Career Launcher program


Author: Dragana

Have you heard of Vita Verde’s Career Launcher Program for young professionals? We are happy to share with you that our first participants successfully completed the educational program in our Design department! Throughout the program, they had the opportunity to participate in and work on many interesting landscape projects with the help of their mentor, their coach and the whole design department. The Career Launcher program lasted for six months and during that time they have taken on many challenging tasks and duties with remarkable success and motivation.

Career launcher program Vita Verde

Career Launcher program within the Vita Verde Design department


If you wonder what this program includes and looks like, keep reading because in the next few lines we are going to give you insight into this experience!

First of all, the participants experienced how a company is functioning, how to work in a team and they advanced their creativity in the field of architecture, landscape architecture and design thinking. They learned a lot about the procedures during the educational part of the program and after that, they got engaged in more hands-on experiences working on projects with the design team.

Working on construction sites helped them gain a lot of practical experience which was very valuable for developing their skills and showed them how to implement their theoretical knowledge in practice. They were part of many important landscape design projects that required a lot of knowledge and expertise which helped them learn and experience the industry requirements first hand.


Here is what Alexandra, their mentor, said about the program


”It was an amazing experience for the participants and for the whole team! During the six-month program, we became friends and learned so much together! They quickly adjusted and became a part of the team like they had been here since the very beginning.”


Career launcher program Alexandra

Making the city greener together


Having young, positive people around who are ready to learn and develop their skills gives us a boost of energy and motivation to share our knowledge and help them build a good foundation for their future careers. Thus together we keep making every corner and every city greener and a better place to live with our sustainable and green solutions.


Career launcher program Despoina and Stefi

Launch your career with Vita Verde


With the help of our landscaping professionals and thanks to the whole concept of the Career Launcher program, young architects and landscape architects can gain a lot of experience and set the roots to a bright career in the landscape architecture industry.

Stay tuned because we are preparing some Career launcher surprises for you!