Improving the image of your hotel – Vertical gardens everyone will notice!


Author: Dragana

Interior Design matters

When it comes to interior design of any hotel, the most valuable thing is that the appearance matches the luxury and quality of service. Nowadays, urban spaces lack greenery which is essential for overall well-being of any person. Creating the perfect and pleasant environment for the guests is one of the most important priorities for every hotel owner.

Vertical gardens at hotel

The technology of Paisajismo Urbano

Vertical Gardens in Hotel Industry

Is there a better way to create a peaceful and relaxing ambiance, than incorporating the everlasting beauty of greenery into everyday modern spaces? Vertical gardens are a hot trend in interior design in hotel industry. There is absolutely no doubt about why are they so popular among the hoteliers and business owners, as they are just plain gorgeous and provide serene atmosphere for everyone around them!

vertical garden at a hotel

The technology of Paisajismo Urbano

Choose your vertical art piece

These living art pieces come in different sizes and color palettes and can be placed in your interior, or exterior, or even both! Vertical gardens provide that calming and relaxing sensation much needed within any hotel space. One of many great advantages of having this type of decoration in your building is that it represents a perfect addition to whatever style you go for. Green walls are amazing space savers. You can place them on any vertical surface and in addition to that, they help purify the air, creating fresh and visually appealing surroundings. Whether your guests are feeling stressed or tired after a long day, or just need a place to relax, the combination of beautiful plants on your walls will instantly help them rest their eyes and feel more at ease.

Hotel vertical garden

The technology of Paisajismo Urbano

If you would like to improve the look of your hotel and make it a place everyone will enjoy, put your creativity to the test, share your design ideas with Vita Verde team and enjoy the process! Where would you add these beautiful pieces of nature in your hotel? Did you know that the vertical garden system of our friends at Paisajismo Urbano we use is known for building the biggest vertical garden in the world?