An interior you deserve when going to a dentist


Author: Dragana

There is no person who is too enthusiastic and happy when it comes to visiting a dentist. It’s a pretty scary experience for many people and nobody wants to feel anxious and scared while waiting for their turn. That’s why dental clinics and similar medical spaces must find ways to help clients relax and create an overall pleasant experience.

Vertical Garden Strumica

The technology of Jardines Verticales Paisajismo Urbano

Creating a cozy and welcoming environment is the key!

Placing a vertical garden is a great way of creating that homely feeling. These kinds of facilities tend to look cold and too sterile, so bringing in greenery eliminates that appearance. It’s definitely more attractive and enjoyable seeing a rich green wall then a plain one! It’s kind of an “eye candy” to calm down your nerves and help you cope with the stressful event.

Vertical garden Vitaverde

The technology of Jardines Verticales Paisajismo Urbano

But it’s not just about having greenery in your space. It’s also about arranging the plants professionally to create a beautiful scene on the wall. Some findings imply that simply introducing greenery, without considering the beauty of the environment, might not be enough for people to feel better, and Vitaverde knows that best. Let’s see how everything we mentioned so far looks like in a real example

The project

Our latest vertical garden project took place at a dental office in Strumica, FYROM. It is located within a passive house, ecological building with close to net zero consumption. Being a part of such an ecological construction concept, the client wanted to embellish their premises in a more natural way. Having in mind the need to implement something visually attractive and functional which is easy to maintain, the vertical garden was just the right choice. It is a clean solution that doesn’t need soil, it saves space and enables you to grow it without ever bending again.

Vertical garden

The technology of Jardines Verticales Paisajismo Urbano

Construction and planting

The vertical garden was constructed with the technology of Paisajismo Urbano, which is one of the best among manufacturers of systems for vertical gardens in the world. The size is 20 square meters and there are 420 plants, 10 different species forming the garden. Among others, we used the heart-shaped philodendron which is particularly good at absorbing formaldehyde. The color scheme includes various shades of green together with the red to create a vivid image on the wall. The clients can just sit back and relax facing vegetation on the wall while they are waiting for their turn.


Strumica vertical garden

The technology of Jardines Verticales Paisajismo Urbano

Surely, we would all enjoy our visits to the dentist more if they all had such an interior! With the right interior decoration, people feel less scared to be there, and once they are out, they go home not just with a nice smile but a few great decorating ideas they can implement in their own homes and spaces.

Vertical garden at a dental office

The technology of Jardines Verticales Paisajismo Urbano

Where would you place a vertical garden?