The Week for Ecoweek


Author: Dragana

Ecoweek is an NGO founded in Greece that focuses on raising awareness about sustainability and  development. Ecoweek runs programs about energy saving, recycling and ecological building for architects, landscape architects, designers and engineers in effort to spread environmental consciousness. The program consist of conference and workshops in which Vitaverde will also take part 2-8 April 2012 in Thessaloniki.

Ark4 lab design studio, Ecoist NGO from Serbia and Vitaverde synergized in order to hold a workshop within the Ecoweek framework. Goal of our workshop is to develop an intervention that will have a practical impact on the habits of all people involved.

What is our EcoContribution

We will design a school yard at the 30th high school of Harilaou which follows the line of an old torrent. This line also includes scattered small parks and other public green areas. Therefore the outdoor area of the school will be designed as a part of a larger scale green network. The whole project will have a more public character: the space will be a site serving education as well as recreation and local community interaction. We aim to combine educational use with community involvement programs through innovative eco-design. Participation of students, teachers, children, volunteers and other stakeholders during and after installation is required for the best synergetic effect. Therefore the design process will focus on creating sustainable prototypes which will be easily applicable at similar sites improving environmental and educational aspects.

Vertical garden- site visit

Vertical gardens act as beautiful green solutions greatly adding to the ecological sustainability of any urban space. On Saturday 7 th of April 2011 at 10:00 we organize a site visit to a vertical garden in Thessaloniki that was designed and constructed by Vitaverde. The guided visit will be in English and you will visit the first outdoor vertical garden at the veranda of PBox eatery in Notos Galleries. Come to Aristotelus Square at the Statue of Aristoteles and join the tour. See you there!