The new vertical garden for the National Bank of Greece, in Thessaloniki Aristotelis square


Author: Hans

The National Bank of Greece invested for the second time in its environment, coming up with green innovative solutions.Therefore, Vitaverde brought its contribution by designing and constructing the second vertical garden at the new I- Bank store in Aristotelis square, Thessaloniki.  The design of the I-bank shop incorporates a lot of new technologies and one of these is  the installation of a vertical garden. The vertical garden in the lounge can be easily seen from the pedestrian street of Aristotelis, bringing its eco contribution not only for the interior space, but also for the environment.


More than 20 square meters of plants create a friendly environment close to nature and  change the use of an ordinary wall. The two cornered surfaces are now the habitat for more than 500 plants of over 10 species and the aim of the design is  to create an organic shape combined with a game of texture and color.  Both the technical and the design details were drawn up one by one resulting a unique outcome. The garden is fitting the interior space and enhances its purposes by filtering the air and being a pleasure to look at.

The new I-Bank store offers a great environment  for more than just your banking needs.