The garden of your dreams


Author: Dragana

Close your eyes for a moment. Trust me, just do it. Now open them. Suddenly you realize you are at a beautiful house with a sea view. Probably something everyone dreams of. You get up, walk out to the garden and rub your eyes in disbelief. “Where am I?” you keep asking yourself with your eyebrows lifted.

Garden and sea view

All you can see around you is pure beauty. You turn around in circles just to save memory of every single angle and every single image before your eyes. The impeccable lawn and flowerbeds, it seems everything is in its place. What an amazing garden! Believe it or not, there is a pool, too. What else could you wish for?

Pool area at a garden

Garden with beautiful flowers

The surroundings make you feel relaxed and the peaceful atmosphere is perfect for spending this day. You take a deep breath and say to yourself: “I feel happy!”

Wondering how much it will last? Well, you don’t have to leave this garden and wake up from this dream if you don’t want to. Watch these photos and imagine you are still there enjoying every inch of it.

Green garden

By the way, this perfect place is real and it lays in Chalkidiki. The villa proudly wears her flowerful dress with geometric linear design. The native plants fit the wider landscape and together with the installation by the pool, add privacy to the garden. That way the place is separated from the street area and you can enjoy the garden of your dreams.

When you release your imagination, great things can happen. What does the garden of your dreams look like?