The first vertical garden in Greece is a fact!


Author: Hans

In a project for the National Bank of Greece, Vitaverde built the first vertical garden in Greece, bringing a new perspective to landscape architecture in the country.

Another important step towards greener Greek cities was made, with the initiative of the National Bank of Greece. Vitaverde created the first vertical garden in a very interesting and challenging project, which has been realised in a new environment and philosophy developed by the NBG.

The i-bank store is a modern multifunctional space designed by Allen International for the NBG. Visitors are entertained with games, can drink something and can use all e-bank services. The new branch combines  technological innovation, with an ecological philosophy.

In that context Vitaverde undertook the design and creation of the first vertical garden at the i-bank in shopping centre “the Mall” in Athens, Greece. We are hoping this initiative will lead to many more similar and different greenery projects.

We are convinced that this is the start of more projects where working environments, and others, will be decorated with innovative green solutions, leading to a more green urban environment for the citizens of Greek cities. As this project shows how even the most densely populated urban centers can be turned in to green oases using the right solutioins and materials