Synergy in action


Author: Dragana

Ideas worth spreading were shared at TEDx Thessaloniki 2013 on the 13th of April with the “Power of SYN (+)” as main subject. SYN is the prefix in many words such as synergy, synthesis, and symbiosis and it symbolizes positive energy, contribution, encouraging and sharing the positive thinking and more importantly, acting.

At Vitaverde we believe that working in synergy with our clients, suppliers and colleagues always leads to creating a better result. Having in mind that synergy is one of our core values, the TEDx organizers invited us to synergize, share our ideas and create an extraordinary green intervention. We decided this was an opportunity for all the TEDxSters to synergize in order to achieve the common goal, which in this case was building an unusual garden together with all the participants.

During the first break everybody was invited to participate in creating this vertical garden. The garden itself symbolized the synergy of all the TEDxSters who joined in enthusiasm and shared their qualities experiencing the power of creating things together. One by one leaves and flowers were knitted and soon the garden took its shape. The will and energy of everyone lead this initiative to a great final result. The garden was placed at the entrance to remind everyone who passed by that together we can make a difference.

Synergy in action