Mirraggio Hotel moss art

  • Location:
  • Year:
  • Surface area:
  • Build time:
  • Paliouri, Halkidiki, Greece
  • 2016
  • 22m²
  • 2 days

Project overview

At 5-star Mirraggio hotel in Paliouri, Halkidiki, everything is about harmony with nature. The peace of the natural environment overflows to the hotel’s interior. If you enter the spa area, you’ll find a rich green moss wall that leaves the wonderful feeling of tranquility like a natural sedative. Miniature landscapes on the wall imitate curved forms and revive nature indoors. Green pieces with subtle differences in color leave a calming effect on every passerby headed for a relaxing massage. In this beautiful surrounding, the guests can empty their minds, forget about their daily problems and enjoy the day.