Panorama Lofts gardens

  • Location:
  • Year:
  • Thessaloniki, Greece
  • 2018

Project overview

The Panorama Lofts residence complex is positioned in a superb location with the sea and the mountain view. The minimal geometry of the buildings and the ortho-canonical shapes, together with the panorama were the main inspiration for the garden concept design: ‘frame the frame’. The idea was to capture an image into another one, just like it happens in the building balconies and the view. The translation of the concept takes different forms from constructions, to shapes, forms and senses.

The plant selection provides a natural feeling and adds color with various combinations of ornamental grasses (green, purple, yellow, red). At the same time the plants help the space functionality – they provide privacy to each garden and now every resident can enjoy his garden and the view, unobstructed, using all his senses.

Vita Verde garden
Purple garden
Plants and stones
Garden details
Garden design