Eagles Villas gardens

  • Location:
  • Year:
  • Ouranoupoli, Chalkidiki, Greece
  • 2017

The outdoor area at the Eagles Villas resort is designed in harmony with the surrounding environment which is perceived as a magical Mediterranean destination for every visitor. The keyword in the concept of all the greenery areas was the word ‘moments’. The moments which visitors experience during their vacation, the moments of relaxation, exploration and joy. This word has been transformed design wise in all the gardens. For example in a zone with beige plants visitors can discover a purple ‘moment’ which will grab their attention!

The concepts of the design process were the combination of minimal and natural, big and small scale, and a ‘moment’ and big picture. The whole area was divided in two zones based on their privacy level: public garden, ‘intermediate’ garden and private garden. These zones are covered in different plant groups which were selected form the Mediterranean palette and are following a unified design logic. An olive tree, a characteristic element of the Mediterranean climate, can be found in every private garden and it represents a reminder of history and beauty of nature.