A sanctuary garden

  • Location:
  • Year:
  • Surface area:
  • Thessaloniki, Greece
  • 2016
  • 105m²

Project overview

The soulful and calming garden full of greenery surrounding the family house of a private client is a result of reviving the old one with the right landscape design ideas. Divided into three areas: the front, the back and the corridor, the total garden space was 105 m2, and the plantation area was 54 m2. We minimized the lawn surface and maximized the plantation surface which created more space and provided us with the opportunities to showcase the variety of plants. In the design, we used naturally curved lines that work as a maximizing factor for the eye of the user. Regardless of the lack of space and other challenges, a garden can be designed and decorated in a lot of beautiful, achieving many possible functions of the space.