Who else wants Sky planters in their kitchen?


Author: Dragana

For sure the winner of contest on our Serbian Facebook page wanted them. She uploaded a photo of her kitchen to the contest page to win the design and installation of Sky Planters. Once the contest was announced, the race began. Many plant lovers had uploaded their photos in their effort to have innovative Sky Planters hanging in their home. Competition was severe so it was not easy to win the prize. After a huge effort by many, there could be only one winner, Gordana Radonić from Novi Sad.

the contest winner under the Sky planters

This month we visited her in order to install the sky garden in her kitchen. We designed the space above the dining table and placed different size Sky Planters. The plants we chose are interesting in color and texture and everything beautifully fit with the existing decoration. And here is the result:

final result of contest prize

Turn it upside down

Sky Planters are amazing and can totally change your space. Innovative design, space saving & easy maintenance are just some of the many reasons why people simply adore them. Sky Planters defy gravity and can even make you wonder – is it me or this room has just turned upside down?

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P.S. How would Sky Planters fit into your space? We are eager to hear your ideas.