REPLAY Srbija’s green party


Author: Dragana

It is the time of the year for parties, holidays and celebrations. That is why Fashion Company held their holiday party for its employees at the river club Play in Belgrade. They organized a creative corporate celebration with the theme of urban brand REPLAY welcoming everybody to enjoy themselves and experience the connection between fashion and nature. They invited us to green up the place and the atmosphere. It was time to install some original decoration for this special occasion!

Replay green party

So the greening started… Right opposite to Symbiosis, a vertical garden which already decorates the bar, we created an exclusive green curtain, a one day vertical garden. This amazing curtain was hand-knitted and made of hundreds of different green leafs and white flowers. The REPLAY logo was positioned in front of both gardens with nice contrast in colors. With all the vertical greenery the space was almost ready for the party.

There was one more thing to do though to complete the atmosphere with an unusual fashion show. Jeans, jackets, bags and shoes were not worn by models, but… by plants! It was an all night fashion show where plants wore the authentic REPLAY clothes and accessories. Plants resting in bags on tables, peeking from shoes and growing from hanging jeans and shirts above the bar… What an impressive scene!

Replay green party at Play

The whole atmosphere made you feel like you are in a REPLAY store and in an outdoor garden at the same time. With all the decoration the idea of pointing out the beauty of nature and fashion combined in these unique installations came to the fore. We believe that everybody had great time at this green party as much as we did! Wouldn’t you?

Photographer: Branko Koljajić