‘Project: Garden’ @Volos


Author: Dragana

Guest post by Stefanos Sklavenitis

Stefanos Sklavenitis is a social media specialist living and working in Greece. He spends a lot of time in front of the screens of his numerous internet devices, but green and design also attract his attention, and therefore his office is sometimes transferred to a green and healthy environment – his garden!

“The story of our house is an interesting one… Brand new back in 2002, but a bit old ten years later when we decided to move in at last! Most of the choices were made by a person with whom we don’t always share the same aesthetics – my father in law…

The family budget however was already tight enough so we did not have big dreams about changing a lot of things in the house! So what was left was ‘project: Garden’ …let’s call it like that!

Back in June 2011, the house was almost ready to be our lovely home on the inside but not on the outside…On the contrary, it was all concrete and mud. At that point, we decided to make the wisest decision, to meet with Vitaverde… I was impressed by many of their projects, especially vertical gardens, I was afraid though that calling them in to help us with the ‘project: Garden’ would not be affordable for us in the end…

Hans Buster’s positive attitude was all we needed at the beginning to believe that our goal to make something really unique was ultimately an achievable goal… Suddenly, money was not an issue! After that it was just chemistry between us and the Vitaverde team, Hans, Giorgos, Andreas and of course Dimitris Athanasiadis, who delivered the fabulous -in my opinion- result…The garden proved not to be just a garden, but a lot of space that needed arranging. There are now two levels, two different gardens, one with herbs and one with flowers, a couple of trees and even lawn…

I don’t really want to say much about how we got to the final result, because I care- 5 months later- only about how much we enjoy our space…the grass, the discreet fence all around the house and of course our wooden pergola with the neat bench! In addition to that I have to say that the construction is also baby friendly, although Markos is hardly a baby anymore!

Thank you Vitaverde!”