Private garden – Creating a world of peace and beauty


Author: Dragana

Garden is a private space, shared with close friends and family, and anyone who allows you to enter it, gives you more than you think. It opens you the door to a space from where you can dream, imagine and find inspiration. Many famous painters like Monet, Renoir, Pissarro, Matisse, Kandinsky, Van Gogh…  painted their inspiration from the creative world of gardening and horticulture. For these and many others artists, garden was an inexhaustible source of ideas.

Garden planting Vitaverde

Vourvourou private garden

Arranging a garden is an act of turning Earth into paradise. Our new clients, the owners of a private 5 star pension house on the beach called Mikro Karidi, near the village of Vourvourou (the 2nd peninsula of Halkidiki), were on the same mission. When your house is on the slope of the sea coast, you want to embellish the surroundings as much as you can. Not just for your own good, but as a moral gesture that brings order and peace to a chaotic and disrupted world.

Vourvourou private garden by Vitaverde

Private garden transformation

Our clients had a wish of transforming their summer garden into all year long garden, so more planting in the existing planting was required. While implementing changes in the contemporary and sustainable design of the garden, we had to be very careful and respectful to the plants there were.

Vitaverde garden maintenance

Choice of plants

We went with the perennial plants like Carex oshimensis, Agapanthus africanus and Armeria maritima. Perennial plants need amazingly minimal care, and yet they give the garden a beautiful appearance. The armeria lends itself well to the garden rocks and agapanthus adds great summer color, while carex brings grass-like, colorful foliage. At the end, we succeeded to create the perfect fit and make the garden look more colourful and plant rich, also helping to improve the microclimate of the whole place.

Planting Vitaverde

Thanks to the changes that have been made, this became a place to enjoy the seaside of Vourvourou throughout the whole year – a relaxing outdoor living space that gives the best of nature.

Flowers Vitaverde planting

Would you like to have your own world of peace and beauty? How would you like to arrange it?