Playground initiative


Author: Dragana

Renovated playground

Having in mind how important it is for children to have spaces for outdoor activities, we eagerly renovated a playground in Thessaloniki. The final result of this extraordinary project contributes to the quality of life of the children and the parents living in this area. For renovating this urban playground, we used inspiring Showood products, like we did while creating a children’s garden at YMCA kindergarten. This playground placed among buildings is a space for numerous games and offers memorable experiences to the children. The whole area is covered with four playing compositions with equipment for fun and recreation, such as: seesaws, a turntable, towers, slides, a climbing wall, swings and a hanging bridge. There are also two sitting areas for parents where they can rest in shade and enjoy with their kids.

Renovated playground in Thessaloniki

What a playground really means for children? It is the most important outdoor space for many kids, especially for those who live in an urban environment. Besides having fun while being in fresh air, children are introduced to physical activities where they develop coordination, flexibility and balance. They also develop their social skills while communicating and playing with other children.

Playground initiatve

The result of this playground initiative are satisfied parents and kids who now have a space for outdoor activities in front of their buildings. We believe that more playgrounds can bring more positive energy in our neighborhoods and we invite you to continue this initiative together.

Playground initiative in Thessaloniki