Planting day @ Toms Flagship Thessaloniki


Author: Dragana

Toms Flagship Thessaloniki – The place where we got to spread some green magic

Thinking about having a coffee with your friends? What about shopping in your leisure time? The Toms Flagship Thessaloniki  unique concept store combines both, shopping and café experience. That is exactly the place where we got the chance to spread some green magic of ours.

Toms Flagship Thessaloniki planting Vitaverde

FORMrelated & Vitaverde joined forces

FORMrelated architecture studio, who entirely rebuilt this interesting place located in the historical center of Thessaloniki, got in touch with us. They had a request to enrich the space with our plants and thus supplement their design vision. The client has an unique business philosophy based on a fair trade so the entire space had to be given a suitable natural look in line with the company’s aesthetics, respecting the history of the building at the same time.

Choosing the plants

In order to create a micro-climate with plants, trees and some cool in the summer we had to be very thoughtful while choosing the right plants and creating a perfect fit with the unique design. Green element was very important in achieving the vision of a vibrant moving place where people will mingle, be free and enjoy.

Toms Flagship Thessaloniki Vitaverde

Making the space come to life

Toms is a place for everyone: families to relax, children to play, students to do their work and fashion lovers to search for the trendy pieces. With live foliage and greenery, we revived dark corners, brought color and life to empty spots and provided new sights and fresh smells for everybody to feel great. Sunlight coming from the big dome with the green plants gives a sense of calmness. Cozy atmosphere at the downstairs area is perfect for meeting a big group of people.

Go and check it out

The new green Toms Flagship Thessaloniki is a place to be discovered. Not just for tourists, but for locals who seek their dose of weekly pleasure. With monthly events like exhibitions, book readings and workshops, it is a place to be seen. It combines everything this city has to offer: old and new, free spirit and multiculturalism, comfort and nature.

Toms Flagship Thessaloniki Vitaverde plants

Do you have a similar favorite place where greenery would change the looks and the feel? How would you like to revive that space with plants?