Outdoor vertical garden at Ikos Oceania


Author: Dragana

Paradise on Earth really exists! 

Imagine… sitting by the pool on a hot summer day with some refreshing cocktail in your hand. The sound of the water falling can be heard from behind. You close your eyes for a moment to feel the fresh breeze coming from the near outdoor vertical garden. After a few seconds you open your eyes and raise a look just to see amazing greenery that reflects the true picture on the big wall. „Just how good it feels to be on this heavenly place right now, doing nothing and just enjoying all the senses in this amazing surrounding!“, thoughts go through your head…

This imaginary scenario can now become part of your life experience as we know just the right place – outdoor vertical garden inside the exclusive Ikos Oceania hotel in Nea Moudania, Halkidiki. Not only the greatest vertical garden Vitaverde has ever worked on, but the first outdoor vertical garden in Greece and biggest in general! It occupies impressive space of approximately 111 square meters.

The garden consists of 3 parts among which waterfalls will flow. The idea was to create the perfect scenery in which people will fully relax and enjoy.

„This hotel was re-designed and re-furbished by an architectural office Nimand Architects. We collaborated with them and according to the wishes of the client, we all together came out with the idea of combining the vertical garden with the waterfalls between plants in order to create the illusion of natural environment. Located in the upper end of the swimming-pools area and just outside of the jacuzzi area it gives the sense of a living wall, a nature just outside the biggest building of the hotel“, says our Head of design.

Each plant has different shape, texture, size and colour so that could band all together and create the desired shape of curved lines. All the plants were carefully selected to create a garden that will live for a long long time and that will produce an alive colourful image. The “plug and play”  vertical garden system created by Paisajismo Urbano was used in this project.

Our Head of design shares her experience on this project: „My experience was extraordinary! The process was different every single day and we had to solve problems and alter our ways almost every day. The best thing in all the procedure was the great team we had! All of our workers communicated perfectly and were working non stop under very difficult circumstances (rain, cold, great height). We finished everything on time and delivered a living wall that will be totally full of plants in approximately 2-3 months. It was an amazing project in which all of us learned a lot and we are looking forward for the next one.“

For the ones who came on their vacation, this hotel space will make them want to return to this paradise on Earth. What is life without moments of true pleasure?! This outdoor vertical garden, refining the space that surrounds and making it sustainable, is a proof that when there is a good idea, a will to execute it and the right team of people, real wonder-works happen!

Would you like to have your own vertical garden? How would you want to look like?