Moss wall at Eagles Palace Hotel and Spa


Author: Dragana

An eye catching wall that invites hotel guests for their dose of peace and refreshment.

Moss wall creation Vitaverde

Bringing green indoors

The wish to bring the natural world indoors has shaped the creative new interior design ideas. The new and trendy moss wall emerged intending to fill this rising wish, better to say a rising need. What makes a moss wall so attractive is its unique easy-to-shape texture and a must-touch velvet softness. Moss wall can be formed in different shapes and sizes, covering  the whole wall or being in the context of a larger picture frame. Creative possibilities to decorate your walls with the moss art are great. In addition, it requires relatively low-maintenance. This beautiful and easy way to take in the nature, grabbed the eye of our new client – Eagles Palace Hotel and Spa.

Moss wall Vitaverde

Hotel renovation

Eagles Palace Hotel at Ouranoupoli, Greece is one of the well-known and prestigious hotel with a 30-years long tradition. People gladly return here for their vacation and occasional relaxation. The cooperation with Vitaverde started because the hotel needed some interesting and noticeable change as it was about to start a new guest season. They wanted to bring the nature from the outside to the inner space because the hotel itself gives great importance to the nature. The idea of achieving this with a moss wall was immediately accepted with great enthusiasm. Moss wall is something new, beautiful, different and comes from the natural world thus people like it and respond positively.

Moss wall Eagles Palace Hotel and Spa

Moss wall art

To attract the desired attention, we implemented the moss wall by the entrance of the reception building, so it’s in the first indoor step of any guest coming. The design concept is based upon “biomorphic shapes” of nature combined with the rock columns of the entrance. The wall is made from bryophyta and it covers around 7 square meters of space.

At first, people were a bit curious and suspicious. While applying the moss they were asking us: „Do we need to water it?“, „Is it going to live?“. The skepticism of how something new and different like a moss wall will fit this traditional retro hotel disappeared the moment it was finished. Combining something new with the traditional look of the hotel was a real challenge, but hearing compliments at the end: „Great work!“, „This looks amazing!“, „It’s truly a piece of art!“, gave us a confirmation that this was the best choice.

Moss wall Vitaverde Ouranopoli

Giving a pleasant new appearance, the reception area is brought to life with an eye catching wall that invites the guests to take their dose of peace and refreshment.

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