Market your business in a green way – Green marketing


Author: Dragana

Green products, recycling, sustainable development, corporate social responsibility. Sounds familiar? These are some of the keywords used in green marketing which is a part of the evolving green revolution. Many companies apply green marketing and identify their products or services with sustainable world. That way they also invite the customers to join those green brands.

Green marketing has many benefits both for companies and their customers. It is a strategy that represents a company as a player who cares about environmental safety. It also increases customer satisfaction because consumers can participate in green actions and contribute to making the world a healthier place to be.

There are many unique ideas how you can promote your company in a green way as long as it is not a superficial green coating with a bucket of paint. Therefore we suggest greening your space, because sustainability can be beautiful. And if there is still someone out there who believes there is no space for green, we suggest not your ordinary space:

  • Vertical gardens

National Bank of Greece Thessaloniki

A vertical garden is a piece of art that has aesthetic enhancement as well as many benefits for people and environment. You can use both your interior and exterior vertical space for adding this living organism.

  • Roof gardens

Green roof

The three types of green roofs: extensive, semi intensive and intensive have many different aesthetic and health benefits to buildings and their users. Green roofs also show that a company is ready to invest in green.

  • Tillandsia


Green art with Tillandsia “air plants” is another innovative way to green your business place. The plants will make your space more appealing and make the customers spend more time at your space. One more thing, you will need no soil to grow them!

  •  Hydroponics


Less maintenance, longer living plants, natural materials, that is really sustainable, so we definitely suggest using hydroponics whenever possible.

  •  Sky planters

Sky planters

These unusual planters transform the view of nature without sacrificing floor space. Sky planters will definitely intrigue and impress your clients. Look up and enjoy the beauty of nature!

You can make a difference and create a greener future. What green message would you like to send to the world and how?