Makedonia Palace – a hotel vertical garden idea


Author: Dragana

No one can deny the importance of great interior design in hotel business. People naturally tend to visit or book hotels that are visually appealing as a way to ensure their stay will be pleasant and without any negative surprises.

Why appearance of your hotel matters

The quality of the service and accommodation is something your guests judge from the moment they walk through the door. After all, the first thing they will notice when they step on the hotel’s property is, in fact, the effort put into the look and ambiance of the hotel. The look of your hotel mirrors the quality of your service and that is why interior design is something that should be taken very seriously.

Every detail must be carefully selected to match the hotel’s brand and style. Taking a step further and turning your hotel into an exceptional attraction and one of a kind experience for the guests is a whole new level of hospitality, which is exactly what Makedonia Palace did.

Makedonia Palace vertical garden

The technology of Paisajismo Urbano

The rebirth of Makedonia Palace

The magnificent Makedonia Palace found its way to the guests’ hearts by bringing the beauty of nature inside their luxurious lobby. The stunning vertical garden position in atrium became a focal point of this amazing hotel, making sure that everyone stops for a while to enjoy its beauty. This astounding green wall with cascading flowers and carefully selected plants creates a welcoming ambiance and emphasizes the greatness of this famous Thessaloniki hotel, while purifying and refreshing the air at the same time.

Attractive combination of bright green shades and earthy tones provides a sense of serenity and relaxation and perfectly matches the contemporary look of this hotel. This captivating, green retreat within the glamorous surroundings of the hotel will make you feel in touch with nature and free from all the stress.

Makedonia palace

The technology of Paisajismo Urbano

The vertical garden design

To build this amazing green solution we used selection of plants differing in shape, color and texture and vertical garden technology by our friends from Paisajismo Urbano. We took a unique approach and created a beautiful and functional design based on the sun movements that created areas of light and shade at the same time. The plant groups were gathered into two inverted ‘V’ symbols that form two basic design areas as they were defined based on the sun movement diagram.

Vertical garden design

Do you want your hotel to stand out?

Show your sense of style and creativity and choose the look of your vertical garden that will for sure attract all the attention and provide a nature friendly retreat inside your hotel. Let’s breathe in a new life into your hotel interior and create amazing story worth sharing!