Make your own garden – 7 secrets revealed


Author: Dragana

Creating a garden is the best way to make your house and your surroundings appear more attractive and colorful. Do you want to make your own garden, but you are not really an expert? We are revealing 7 secrets to having the garden of your dreams and making that happen by yourself.


  1. The right choice of plants for continuous blooming

When you design a garden remember that it has to be made for all seasons. Choose perennial herb plants and bushes that bloom in different periods of time, in order to have color and scent throughout the year. Fill up your garden with seasonal plants that bloom at a specific time of the season to cover any lack of flowering plants in your garden.

  1. Plant at the right distance

During the garden construction, avoid putting plants close to each other, in order to achieve immediate and quick results. Ask an experienced gardening expert for advice, keeping in mind the necessary distance between the plants, according to their final size. That way you will accomplish a beautiful and harmonic result and at the same time you will save money by having fewer plants by square meter.

  1. Climate conditions and microclimate

Every area has its own climate and microclimate. Are you close to the sea? Choose plants that can stand saltiness. Do you have dry and hot summers?  Decide for drought-tolerant plants, such as cactus, houseleek, sedum etc. that require a very small amount of water.  You have north and dark spots in your garden? Grow some plants which like being in the shadow or semi-shadow.

  1. Choose a style that suits you

If your house is minimalistic and you want it to connect with the style of your garden, go for linear shapes and fewer species. You want a more naturalistic look, there is not much to be done except to incorporate curves and natural shapes in the design with a wider variety of plants.

  1. Take care of your garden in every season

For consistently good aesthetics of the garden, it is not enough to take care of it only during the spring and summer. Don’t forget to spray the bushes and trees with fungicide during winter months. Don’t leave the fallen leaves on your lawn all winter, because then it rots and loses its appearance.Lop just before spring and give your plants the shape you want them to have.

  1. Compost everything and don’t throw anything away

The compost represents the best quality enhancer of the soil and fertilizer. So, don’t throw away any of the organic residue in your garden. Cut grass, fallen leaves, lopped off branches, as well as the organic waste from your house,convert it into compost and help your flowers and bushes prosper.

  1. Right watering for water saving

The correct irrigation system can save you from wasting the water. Put the injectors at a distance suitable for an equal water distribution. That way all the pieces of the garden will be watered equally for the same period of time and you will avoid over watered or under-watered parts of the garden. Choose the right parts, in order to avoid watering paths or parterre outside the lawn. Use the drop-by-drop system to water bushes and trees of your garden. Control and adjust the radius of the injectors’ sprinkling at regular intervals, and adjust the watering time with an automatic watering system depending on the season. In order to save more, attach it to rain sensors or even better with a home meteorological station.

When are you planning to apply these tips to make your own garden?

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