Longing for summer


Author: Dragana

Ideas are like soap bubbles, you can create many in a short period of time. They are so fragile and beautiful. Some of them vanish immediately and some stay for a while for you to enjoy them as the summer breeze leads them to the sky. You can also decide to do something with them – puncture them on purpose, let some fly their own way out and some you can try to catch. Whatever you do, they all soon disappear, because you either transform them into reality or just forget them and let them float away. And here you are again, challenged to create new bubbles.

Pool at balcony

So if you wish to have a beautifully decorated veranda and think that there is no space for such luxury, well think again! If you set your mind free, more ideas will come to you and you will find a perfect solution. No matter the size of your space, if you have a good idea, you can always make it look great in the end.


To improve the privacy of your veranda, you can choose wood as natural material which gives warmth to the space. This specific Showood fence doesn’t make you feel closed, but on the contrary, it beautifies the space and makes you feel surrounded by nature. The green and red leaves of Photinia fraseri plants also create a nice hedge and give the final touch to the veranda.

At a place created out of your ideas, you can really enjoy the atmosphere, positive energy and your creativity. Lie down on that rainbow bubble of yours, turn on all five senses and start the adventure!