How landscaping can increase property value


Author: Dragana

One of the few improvements that can not only add immediate value but also increase it as the years go by, is landscaping. The American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) even recommends that homeowners invest 10 percent of the home’s value in landscaping. Landscape economist, John Harris says good landscaping can add up to 28% to overall home value. Now imagine a beautifully arranged property is up to be sold on a market. A professionally landscaped property is a sure ticket to quick resale!


What sells the deal?


Landscape architecture goes beyond planting investment. It’s an investment in people’s first impression. Landscaping is something one’s clients, neighbors, visitors and passers first see. The question is – what people want to see? A sophisticated design, first and for all; something unique, for the pure enjoyment! Carefully arranged and maintained landscape also sends a signal that one’s taking care of the inside of the venue as well.


Hiring a professional will prevent chaos


One of the biggest landscaping mistakes that people make is not having a landscaping plan. Private owners often decide to put a tree in… then a few years later add some flower beds… then maybe put in shrubs… and maybe another tree. A landscape that’s made from pieces looks disorganized and leaves a bad impression!

A landscape architect can work with the client to generate a detailed plan before any landscaping. His job is to look at key areas of enhancement – patios, complementary plantings, lighting. By using knowledge from botany, horticulture, engineering, and design, as well as from property grading, soils, and irrigation, landscape architects manage to showcase the natural world to highlight the space. For example, a clean, sophisticated design highlights the professionalism of a medical or law office, making a business or property stand out among competitors.


Vita Verde garden
Photo-credits-Alexandros-Oikonomidis Vita Verde
Vita Verde garden with pool


Cooperation with architects


Landscape designers and architects should also be involved along with the architect in the earliest stages of the construction process. Planning the design of the property along with the design of the building brings better organization to a project. Clients will enjoy a better building experience, an extraordinary result and a significant cost savings. The key to a successful project that has the potential to create that breathtaking dreamy picture is to think everything through together. The cooperation not only helps to meet the needs of a client, but elevates their goals.

A positive first impression can mean the difference between a client and a passer driving by or stopping to take a closer look.  Just like the importance of making a good first impression when meeting someone new, with a little attention to the landscaping, you can multiply your returns.

Do you know what people think of the outside of your property or business?