Interiorscape ideas for your hotel


Author: Dragana

What are your thoughts when you’re about to visit a new place? Are you thinking: is there something extraordinary and different to see?

Let’s take an ancient example – Hanging Gardens of Babylon, one of the seven wonders of the world. According to legend, the elaborate terraces, magnificent water features and floating plants in the middle of the desert attracted people to travel thousands of miles just to admire it. Nobody knows if the gardens really existed, but we can see that the naturally beautiful sights have always occupied people’s imagination.

Create a natural spectacle at your hotel

As the weather is getting colder and the winter holidays are approaching, this is the perfect moment for hoteliers to get creative and create extraordinary green interiorscapes. People spend more time indoors and at the same time have less contact with nature. This certainly affects the daily life and happiness, so use this as an opportunity to attract more customers, but also to offer something different and new to your loyal customers.

Choose the areas that fit best

  1. Reception

Place a luxurious living image – Imagine your hotel reception with a huge green wall in the back. Different types of hydroponic plants, mixed together harmoniously, creating a magical image. The installation of a vertical garden at the entrance is the perfect way to make a great first impression for any visitor!


  1. Lobby

Convert empty spaces – Interactive living input in the lobby, horizontal and vertical surfaces of green moss art, detailed seating structures combined with interactive projection screens. A proposal that will surely pick the attention of both young and adult visitors and offer something completely different.



  1. Restaurant

Provoke appetite – The small green touches that always make the difference! Place fresh potted herbs on the restaurant tables and urge guests to use them in their meals. This way you will add a strong smell of freshness and a healthy lifestyle in the restaurant area.


  1. Rooms

Create pleasant environment – The vast choice of small or large planters with colorful flowers in the hallways and inside rooms delivers fresh air and creates a positive vibe.

Make an impression

We encourage you to decorate your hotel areas with the most elegant and fun green solutions. Transfer your visitors to a world of luxury and tranquillity and make sure they return again. Create outstanding and innovative green surroundings!

What solutions from above would you implement?