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Author: Dragana

Don’t you believe that sharing knowledge and the idea of sustainability & greenscaping inspire people to appreciate and take care of greenery? We surely do, so on 27th of November the Vitaverde team participated in an online seminar organized by Hochschule für Wirtschaft und Umwelt Nürtingen-Geislingen, International Master of Landscape Architecture (IMLA) with the topic “International perspectives on planting design”. This was a very interesting experience for all the people involved.

Images of nature

Images of nature in your environment

During the interactive presentation with the topic “New approaches in urban greenery, perspectives from Serbia and Greece”, you could hear about innovative ways of adding green to the urban environment. The focus on practical problem solving during planning, designing and constructing such spaces, fit the style and practical approach of the whole webinar and the IMLA program.

Pocket parks, green roofs and vertical gardens

The feedback from the 90+ participants was very rewarding and the lecture triggered an interesting conversation. Since the presentation was focused on innovative solutions, specifically pocket parks, green roofs and vertical gardens, it also raised a lot of questions. The audience heard useful information and gained a general image about these technologies & techniques. That gave them the opportunity to explore everything into detail after the lecture.

Plants in your environment

Questions and answers

As expected, most of the questions were focused on sustainability; questions about maintenance costs, irrigation needs, microclimatic effects, construction carbon footprints, as well as questions about practical use of spaces, sound management or dealing with problems after the construction of projects.

Obviously, people asking questions from places all around the world, with different climatic conditions and different urban typologies, make it impossible to come up with only one answer. What’s most important is to understand the significance of planning and designing based on the unique characteristics of every space and time planning in terms of landscape management.

Landscape projects, regardless of their scale, need special attention since they are living and growing organisms, which are part of a bigger ecosystem. One cannot simply consider them finished after construction. Having a multidisciplinary team of people from the early stages of planning can make a huge difference in how successful and also how sustainable a project is in the long term.

Greenery matters

Wanna watch the presentation?

If you missed the opportunity to follow the webinar in November, here’s the chance for you to review it and enjoy it! Click here to go to Vitaverde’s lecture and discussion recording.

So what is your perspective on planting design? How do you think images of nature fit the landscape design in your environment?