Idea for your balcony


Author: Dragana

Greek balcony Definition: Usually a small place to hang out if you don’t have a garden.

A balcony is a place where you can enjoy the beauty of the nature while being at home. When you hear the phrase Greek balcony, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? A wonderful view over the sea, a small balcony or just another place facing other buildings? Every one of these can be true, but even if you don’t see the sea while you rest on your balcony, you can still make it an oasis in the desert of a big city. Some plants and a bit of space reorganization can really change the atmosphere and add to the beauty of a balcony.

Among the balconies we have created this spring, we chose this balcony at a residential building to present you this week. There was already a wooden sitting arrangement on the balcony which we enriched with greenery. On the balcony fence we installed Zigg Zagg planters that look like bags and are great for smaller spaces. These planters are lightweight and flexible, so they can fit almost every corner and are widely used for greening any kind of space. We also used an artificial lawn which is very practical for kids, easy to maintain and environmentally friendly because of saving the water. The whole balcony gained an entirely new look when we added all the green elements.

Having an outdoor garden space for some is a luxury, but still you can enjoy the nature on your balcony and grow some plants even at the tiniest space. And if your balcony is small, there’s another advantage- you will need a small budged for arranging it.

It’s the great timing for enjoying at your balcony. Thinking about rearranging your own?