i-bank store Skopje and one strange experience


Author: Dragana

As a member of NBG group, Stopanska banka AD Skopje opened an i-bank store in the center of Skopje. Among other characteristic services such as e-banking, telephone banking, m-banking, APS and ATM, i-bank has developed another recognizable stamp – a vertical garden. All the touchscreens, computerized design and style of the space still don’t make you feel away from nature. On the contrary, with the green state-of-the-art watching your back, at the i-bank you feel calm and that everything is in balance, so you can finish your job and enjoy the process.


And that is actually where this story begins.

The beautiful shape of the entrance was already promising that if you came in, you would feel like Alice in Wonderland. Something was telling me that once you visit this place, you just keep coming back, even to escape the reality for a bit…

Coming in!

Sliding doors sensed my presence and opened to welcome me to the world of the unknown. With the first step I took, I felt like some alien race has landed their space shuttle and brought their technology to Earth. Enchanted, almost in the state of delirium, I was one touch away from… PAYING MY BILLS! @#%!*^$

Have you ever imagined that this very action, paying bills, can be enjoyable and something you can’t wait to do again?! Call me crazy, but try it once for yourself and you will see what I’m talking about. This i-bank store has become my favorite place to see people, drink my coffee and enjoy the garden. I inhaled the fresh air while finishing my e-banking matters and said to myself: This is the real deal.

Vertical garden

When I couldn’t find any excuses to stay longer at the store, I eventually left and kept looking back at the green garden, enjoying the feeling of perfect harmony in my chest. From the outside, the i-bank space seemed so vivid, that when I turned my imagination on and my vision off, I could even see the plants dancing in the rhythm of the music. And I just felt I want to dance along.

Dance along