How to turn your garden into a charming sanctuary


Author: Dragana

Are you dreaming of your own charming sanctuary – a soulful and calming garden full of greenery?

Private garden

The back side of the garden

Many people leave their dreams of a perfect garden because of the challenges they face. For example lack of space or a position that does not enable enough sunlight. Nevertheless, with the right landscape design and a professional approach you can overcome the limitations and create something beautiful. That’s exactly what we want to share with you herein. Inspired by our earlier work, a client came to us because the garden surrounding his family house needed a new life. In the following text, our landscape designer shared her thoughts on the project.

Facing the challenges

“During our first visit, we thoughtfully observed the space and the natural environment. Like in almost all of our projects, architects, landscape architects, agronomists and other specialists cooperated in order to come up with the best solution. We saw the garden was divided into three areas: the front, the back and the corridor. The total garden space was 105 m2, and the plantation area was 54 m2. So the challenge was the size of the garden, because the smaller space, the fewer options you have as a designer. The other challenging factor was the amount of the shadow, so we had to make the right choice of plants that can thrive in such an environment.”


The corridor

Overcoming limitations and making the space stand out

“We minimized the lawn surface and maximized the plantation surface. That’s how the part of the garden that could be used became bigger and provided us with the opportunities to showcase the variety of plants. In the design we used naturally curved lines that work as a maximizing factor for the eye of the user. This is also great as an environmental move because there is less water used and there is more oxygen produced.


The front side of the garden

We chose the plants that can live in semi-shadow space, have color throughout most of the year and can reduce the atmospheric pollution of the city. Apart from the fact that most people think plants can survive only under the sun, there are those that can live under the shadow and still be beautiful throughout the year.


One of the plants we used is interestingly looking Oxalis triangularis which can revive itself from the dead. Another one is campanula that can handle extreme weather and arid conditions. With its happy nodding heads, it adds to the beauty of the space. The final touch in our design were the granite balls which gave the perfect contrast to the plants. The garden will shine in all its glory for about 2 years from now when the plants are fully grown and formed.”

Purple Oxalis (in the lower right corner)

Oxalis or Purple Shamrock and Purple Campanula

Regardless of the lack of space and other challenges, your backyard garden can be designed and decorated in a lot of beautiful ways. You can put together the details you like and achieve many possible functions of the space.

Would you like to have a garden like this? What limitations are you facing and how do you make sure to overcome them?