How to redesign a garden and bring it to life?


Author: Dragana

Is it easier to construct a new garden or redesign an already existing one? Every garden has a lot of potential and its characteristic should be considered as advantages, not as limitations. We have experienced the difference between designing a new space and making alterations to an existing one.

Redesigning a garden could either mean upgrading it or rebuilding it from scratch. In any case, two serious factors are taken into account during the process. These factors are problem solving- things the owners want to change and sentimental value- things the owners want to keep because they have a personal importance to them. Garden renovation is not an easy thing to do, but it definitely can unlock the garden’s potential and make it look glorious.

This month we redesigned a garden in front of a residential building in Filiro, Thessaloniki in an inspirational way. The idea was to use railway sleepers and to implement them into the garden’s new look.  The garden is now an amazing space that incorporates new pathways, flowers and lawn, which all make this unique creation stand out. Several adjustments have also been made on the parking area. We gave the important plants new surroundings, helping them develop more and upgrading them aesthetically. At the same time we solved the practical everyday problems of the garden, such as the steep inclination it had, by creating two new levels with slightly different character.

We believe in the importance of sustainable gardening, which does not only affect the plants we use and the way we combine them, but also the use of materials and constructions. Railway sleepers are creatively being re-used all over the world for garden design and have become a popular addition to gardens. This solution is eco friendly, cost effective and beautiful.

The overall garden experience is much improved and the building inhabitants now have a fresh space for relaxation.

It is never too late to turn your garden into a colorful space, an outdoor oasis of yours. Wondering what to do with your garden? Share your ideas with us.