How to make your garden look like it’s from a magazine cover


Author: Dragana

Have you ever imagined living in a ground floor maisonette with a swimming pool and a garden that looks like it’s from a magazine cover? Together with the Build plus construction company, we realized the idea in one of the best routes of Thessaloniki, the Themistokli Sofouli Street.

Sofouli garden from the side

Mixing old and new

Along the road, the big trees and old buildings create an aristocratic charm and a beautiful atmosphere. It’s like you’re back in the 30’s! This area of pre-war Thessaloniki was full of villas and some of the wonderfully preserved buildings still keep the spirit of the past times.

At the same time, the forward-looking architecture tries to find a match in such an environment. Many buildings are being renovated with a new architectural approach which uses landscaping in a unique way, not just to create something aesthetically innovative, but also to make life easier and more practical.

Dining area

Design matters

It’s always important to understand that landscaping solutions must be left to a group of professionals. When we give our solutions to a client, we always explain the value of good landscaping design. It will make a more comfortable environment, help overcome space limitations and achieve the outdoor functionality of the space (and much more!).

Garden detail-stairs

The solution

Regarding this garden, the solution was supposed to be aesthetic but also to fulfill the practical needs and be within budget. Thus the garden was created on 3 levels:

  1. Pool area
  2. Dining and ornamental area
  3. Grass area to relax or play

Garden detail-patios

The natural materials – stone, grass and flowers complemented with patios, lights and a pool give a simple and beautiful appearance. Gray-purple color scheme together with the greenery creates a relaxed and calm atmosphere. All the elements were used in a way that will allow easy maintenance. This garden shows that even in the middle of the city, in a relatively small space, amazing things can be realized. When professionals plan and execute it well, you don’t really have to spend a lot of money to create your own little paradise on Earth.

Side view Sofouli garden

How do you imagine your perfect garden?

Architect: Kostis Kotrokis Architects

Photo credits: Alexandros Oikonomidis