How to add greenery to your shop


Author: Dragana

When it comes to interior design, getting unique pieces that feel personal is the key to success. Every piece says something about your style and life philosophy. Your identity is communicated through every small detail. But does that apply to business spaces, not just private?


Arranging a business space is even more important because it’s something that highly affects your success. It’s all about creating that pleasant, natural environment that draws people like a bee to a flower giving them the sweet nectar they want. This is why choosing the items that will speak instead of you is sometimes hard. But Vitaverde is here to help you! Join us in the story that follows.

Embracing individuality

Yades (Ὑάδες) is a small elegant boutique in the center of Thessaloniki. The shop offers fashion items designed for those who are not afraid to follow and express their individuality. Speaking about Yades’ identity, you can already discover something from their name. (H)yades means a cluster of stars, symbolizing a wish to gather people, evoke their unique, natural shine and make them feel beautiful. Therefore, translating the message of individuality and originality while creating a more pleasant environment was the main goal. How did we achieve that?


Think vertically

Greening the space with an artistic, inspirational moss wall was the best way. Displaying items on various levels maximizes the space and is visually appealing to customers. It’s a strategic way of designing and organizing space. Also, an important reason a moss wall fits so perfectly is that it is something different, so creating the green moss platform was a way to reflect the Yades’ unique style and identity.


The design concept: green, yades and abstract

The shop now features a stunning 6m2 moss wall just near the entrance. Green vertical surface already attracts the look of the passers-by. To highlight their identity furthermore, we took the first letter of Yades to create natural lines out of it. Now, this naturally preserved creation gives a new twist to the empty wall: simple, forever green and maintenance free!


Whether people are going for a shopping or are casually browsing, it’ll sure make a lovely day out! What are your ideas for adding greenery to your shop?