Holiday decoration


Author: Hans

Have you ever thought of welcoming the winter holiday in a different style than before?   Whether you did or you are about to make the change,  this year is time to be creative.  When we say “creative” we reffer to decoration, which in our opinion can be attractive and new with every season.

Think sustainable

Nowadays, everybody is trying to be eco friendly on a day to day basis: recycling or saving water and energy. So why to stop that once winter comes? We still want green to be green and not to fade after a week of artificial environment.  The sustainable approach, friendly attitude upon environment and care for nature can be expressed in this period by saving  the fir trees. You can still have the magic in your home, even if you don’t decorate a traditional tree.  If you want to impress your guests and family with a beautiful and original decoration, here is our idea:

It will surely be the spotlight of the living room and the atmosphere will be filled with elegance and shine. You save space, you take care of the environment and the time you would usually spend on decorating  can be now used in preparing other activities. This arrangement doesn’t need more decoration as it is a special and unique decoration by itself. However, you can lighten the atmosphere with a few candles at the bottom of it, so the warm and magical feeling transforms the holiday from a classical to an unusual one. Being made of different materials it gives the impression of a whole, a simple, but eye-catching object which can change one corner of your room. Dare to be different!