Happy 8th anniversary, Vitaverde!


Author: Dragana

Vitaverde 8th corporate anniversary

What a special day it is today! Spring is finally here, filling our lives with joy, sunshine and captivating smell of plants and trees all around us. When we think about beautiful plants, we think about a beautiful garden. And who can incorporate beautiful gardens in our everyday lives, if not Vitaverde… 8 years in a row! Almost a decade passed since our passion for a greener and quality designed environment was transformed into a vocation. And that’s when Vitaverde was born.

“These 8 years of existence are only possible because of great and passionate work of our talented team. For us it is impressive to see that the same attitude, inspiration and engagement still shine brightly even after so much time,” shared Hans Buster, co-owner of Vitaverde.

“We are truly inspired to come to work every day and help people improve the quality of their life in their private and business environment. I would like to take the moment to personally thank you – our clients, our team and stakeholders for your contribution in the success and growth of Vitaverde,” shared enthusiastically Dimitris Athanasiadis, co-owner of Vitaverde.

Over these past 8 years, with hundreds of square meters of vertical gardens, roof gardens and exterior gardens across 3 countries, Vitaverde covered lots of surface with greenery and made a difference in the lives of many people.

As the global economy is slowly improving, Vitaverde also flourishes. It stands out as a strong brand, very competitive in the market, and it keeps delivering its promise to the clients.

We still live and function according our values, where

  • Positive attitude helps us overcome the challenges
  • Having development in mind helped us move to new and modern offices
  • Integrity helps us be same professional towards all every day
  • Internal teamwork and synergy with our clients help us achieve better results.

Why you should celebrate this milestone?

In these 8 years you arranged your home gardens, your roof gardens, you decorated your bars and restaurants, you made your hotels look special, you made your bank branch stand out, and your shopping mall became greener. Thank you all for making Vitaverde part of your daily life over the past years.

Here’s to the next 8 years. Cheers!