Hanging garden at a bar


Author: Dragana

If you believe you are still able after 21/12/2012, we would like to invite you to visit a new bar which opened its doors on 12/12/2012. The place called Jimmy Woo which was opened in an attractive night-life area of Dorcol in Belgrade, Serbia differs from the others in the neighbourhood. You may wonder why? It’s because it turned its garden…. upside down.

The whole place is divided into two parts: one side has more relaxing atmosphere and low tables where people can enjoy food from a fusion restaurant. The sky planters installed on the window next to the entrance invite passersby to come in and experience the unique atmosphere.

The other side of the place is more vivid with a long bar and a DJ stand where the hanging plants enjoy the music as you will. A hanging garden is also greening this part of the bar and the reflection of sky planters in a big mirror gives a note of mystery to the whole space.

So wherever you sit at the bar, your eyes are spontaneously laid on sky planters. It is an amazing feeling to sit under the plants or enjoy them from a small distance while having your drink at the next table. The innovative planters add positive energy to the place and this urban flora hanging from the ceiling makes every visitor look up and experience nature in this closed garden.

We recommend you come and feel the atmosphere yourself. Enjoy!