Greening Belgrade’s nightlife


Author: Dragana

When talking about Belgrade, people will often mention it is well known for its great nightlife. Another remark you may hear is the presence of a big creative community which sends out its vibe into the city.

There are many clubs on the Danube and the Sava River. Right opposite to Kalemegdan, one of the most beautiful green spots of the city, at the kay of the river Sava, you can find the recently opened boat club Play. There creativity is striking, as several artists were involved in the realisation of the design of this unique place.

Together with the artists who enriched the place with modern paintings, we were invited to participate and create our own piece of art – a green painting. The vertical garden named ‘Symbiosis’ directly illustrates the connection between art and nature and represents the many connections at Splav PLAY. At the same time symbiosis and synergy reflect main values of Vitaverde stressing the importance of doing things together in order to achieve better results.

Creativity and innovation, as well as clean and fresh air brighten up this space and the garden creates a healthy atmosphere. The plants selected for this vertical garden are placed in groups, all connected, living in symbiosis. Another kind of symbiosis and connecting can be recognized in the fact that this all day bar is used for both entertainment and corporate events. Its art gallery brings together art and entertainment, creating a unique environment.

‘Symbiosis’ has been placed in the middle of the space to symbolize all these connections. We believe that it therefore not only brings a new perspective to landscape architecture in Serbia, but also stands for the possibilities that arise when people get together to create their extraordinary space.

So enjoy these photos and if you are ever in the position to do so, then come and get inspired by the creative vibe.