Green shop windows at Fashion & Friends


Author: Dragana

Do you like to see beautifully arranged shop windows? I definitely do. Have you ever wondered or noticed how window displays change overnight into something new and fresh? Whatever your answer, let’s take a sneak peek behind the scenes to satisfy the curiosity.

Green window

How it all started

A long night before arranging any shop window is a time for creativity and innovation. Energy and coffee are needed to create a window display that will glow the next day. This time was no different. We came in at night not to disrupt the customers while enjoying their shopping during the day. The next morning everything has changed into a green celebration!

Green shop window

Esthetics or more?

While taking a walk through a shopping area or a mall, you notice (or not) different window displays. Some more creative than others and almost all of them following fashionable trends in design. But not only aesthetics is important in that process of showing what a store is offering. The goal is also to present visually the values and vision of that company. That is how we created these eye-catching shop windows of Fashion & Friends in their shops in Belgrade and Novi Sad. Fashionable clothes fit perfectly the creative decoration and the overall design reflects the company’s ecological approach in business.

Shop window

Join the party

The windows look so live that you have the feeling you want to sit down with the dolls and enjoy a drink in their lovely garden. Since greenery attracts attention, it helps emphasize the modern clothes displayed in the shops. You can easily say that these shop windows have become a new location for urban gardens! Would these green shop windows make you stop and take a look?