Green oasis @ Dorcol


Author: Dragana

Early sunny Saturday morning and another inspiring project in Belgrade is about to begin. Bar/restaurant Jimmy Woo in the center of the city got its new garden. The interior of the bar was already decorated with innovative sky planters and now with the spring it was the right moment to green the garden as well.

Jimmy Woo garden

We started enthusiastically, with positive energy and a smile on our face. The main motivation was to create a wonderful and extraordinary garden for the people in the Dorcol neighborhood and those who come to relax at this lounge bar. Wooden pots with seasonal colorful plants, tables with aromatic plants, benches and unusual trees were combined to beautify this old area of the city.

Jimmy Woo

We believe that now that we finished, guests of the bar enjoy the garden all day long while having coffee with their friends in the relaxing environment. Moon restaurant flavors the space with delicious fusion food. The design makes it also convenient for business meetings and you should definitely visit it at night to have a drink in the garden bar.

Jimmy Woo_garden

This green oasis placed in an area with many bars, stands out and is special because of the fascinating garden and the whole atmosphere. Come and see for yourself!