Garden design ideas for a perfect outdoor space


Author: Dragana

Building a new backyard garden may sound like a time-consuming and expensive project. However, with the right garden design ideas, you can easily create a unique outdoor living space that you, your friends and family will enjoy.

With the wish to start a new life away from the city bustle, a young couple and their daughter moved out to the suburbs. But their life in a brand new house wasn’t complete without a perfect outdoor space. Let’s see how we helped them create a garden of their dreams.

Garden design ideas

Synergizing with the architects

In order to make our garden design ideas reality, we started building up on the aesthetic foundation of KARD Architects – the Greek pioneers in the world of architecture who constructed this modern house. Our role was to follow the architect’s initiative, concept and design goals and to translate them into the outdoor space design.
Construction phase of a new garden

In the beginning, a rather big space of more than 500 square meters surrounded by other private houses had no green surfaces at all. Designing and planting in the areas that have nothing but flagstones, concrete or turf is always a challenge because it involves more parties. But the key to a satisfying outcome is a good cooperation among all parties: architect-landscape, architect and user. This time was no exception.

On the start of a garden design ideas implementation

Greening up the space

By placing grass sods, the garden instantly got a beautiful rich green lawn which also saved us time. Green color acted as the unifying factor for all the vertical and horizontal elements – fence, floor, trees and bushes. Hard materials matched the planted areas creating an illusion in detail.

Lawn placement

The plant used as an illusion connection with the concrete was Festuca glauca. We also used salvia to add a hint of color with the natural sense. To give the detail of the specific, geometric shape we used the plant called Buxus sempervirens.

Planting phase of a new garden

Combining all the elements and with a sustainable approach, we created a space that looks contemporary, fresh, unified with details of white, light purple and grey.

Planting phase of a new garden

The outcome: beautiful, useful and easy to maintain garden

The garden now has a big space for children to play and for the whole family to enjoy. Trees create a shadow for pleasant outdoors chilling, whilst safe borders create a beautiful frame around the garden. Overall, this family got an additional outdoor living room that will keep them connected with nature and help them live a happier life.

The perfect outdoor space

What garden design ideas do you want to implement in your outdoor space?