Following the trends in planters


Author: Dragana

Either you are a person who follows the trends in different industries or not, sooner or later they will cross your path. Trends are everywhere around us. Have you ever wondered about the trends in planters?

Looking back in the past

In the past few years we have seen different kinds of planter materials that were used a lot both for interior and exterior design. One of the trendy materials was fiber stone. Planters of all kinds of shapes and styles were and still are being used intensively for decorating shopping malls, hotel lobbies and gardens. Fiber stone is a kind material that makes the planters look heavy and massive, but they are actually light weight and elegant.

Also you must have noticed the inventive illuminated planters that were a real “boom” during the past years. You could see them in different colors, with decorative patterns and in many shapes, sizes and styles. Modern or minimalistic, traditional or funky, these water-proof planters made of recycled plastic and lit by high efficiency LEDs had all the characteristics to be noticed by many and become a big trend!

New trends

Nowadays we see some other trends breaking through. Pots made of soft and recycled materials are taking over. Some of the well known brands are Bacsac planters.  These inventive planters have many advantages and can fit in every corner or even a wall. Follow our next blog post and find out more about these planters!

What are the latest trends you noticed?