Decorating pool bar with a moss wall


Author: Dragana

Luxury 5-star hotels must pay special attention to their interior and exterior decoration. It’s the part of an overall customer satisfaction and thus every aspect of their experience must be taken into account for maximum pleasure. The easiest and most effective way to make any space look exclusive and special is placing a moss wall.

Sani pool bar's moss wall

The client

Sani resort (Halkidiki, Greece) is an exclusive hotel that recognizes the importance of nature in creating its visual appearance and a healthy environment. Our intervention took place at its pool bar, a place where people go to refresh, chill and have fun.

Moss placement

The idea

Envisioning a stylish space with great cocktails and fresh ingredients, the idea was to bring a breath of natural coolness to the environment and raise the attractiveness of the pool bar area. To contribute to the esthetics of a cool relaxed place, we implemented a beautiful green moss wall.
Moss placement in progress


We already wrote about a moss wall, its effects and the ease of its installation. The soft green moss shapes have the power to switch you to a more relaxed and peaceful place and reduce the level of your stress – a moss wall easily transfers outdoor world to any space. Plus, it’s easy to install and does not attract insects and dust. It’s almost free of maintenance, lasts long and allows customizable design.

Moss wall at Sani pool bar

The moss wall emits positive energy that you can only feel while seated comfortably in its presence. Embellishing the summer daily life by the pool, it makes everybody feel good, employees and guests. This natural green solution added color, shape and more life to Sani pool bar, creating that special place that people are looking for to forget all their problems.

Do you have a space you want to decorate? Are you already thinking about a moss wall?